There are sneakers and sneakers that go combined with nubuck zones or are completely suede. For this type of skin, we will use hot water and Ariel.

First we will remove the dust and dirt dry with the soft bristle brush. For those difficult spots that have remained in the shoe, we will apply a mixture of warm water with Ariel, with the same brush against the grain. Remove the rest of the mixture with the brush moistened in warm water and let them air dry long enough. When dry, return them to dry brush.

For oil or grease stains, apply some bicarbonate or talcum powder, and let it work all night.

• 1. Remove the laces and templates if they are removable. Both the laces and the templates, we will clean them separately.

• 2. With the soft bristle, tooth or nail brush, we will remove dirt from the soles.

• 3. To clean the upper part of the shoe, we will mix it with warm water and laundry detergent (Ariel), and apply it with the sponge or cloth. In areas that are dirtier, we will do more to remove them.

• 4. With another sponge cleaned and moistened with warm water, remove excess soap left in the shoe.

• 5. Let the sneakers dry in the air, without any source of heat nearby, or directly in the sun. Nor the use of dryers.

* Do not wash in a washing machine or use a dryer.

No lavar en lavadora

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